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Welcome to EmptySpoonful.com where all of life’s mysteries are solved (no, that’s not quite what’s happening here, but you might learn something new or even have an epiphany, who knows) feel free to share your thoughts and ideas. I’m glad you’re here. This is a great place to learn some exciting gluten-free recipes, discuss what you’re dealing with as far as life is concerned and maybe indulge in a laugh or two!

EmptySpoonful has a variety of meanings to me; from using emotional eating to manage my stress (with full spoons, but a hollow and empty emotional result) to dealing with suddenly having to avoid gluten (not being able to eat normally with my friends and family left me feeling empty and alone) and trying to live a healthier more fulfilling life (emptiness crept in because my needs were not being met in my career).

At this point saying “life is a journey” isn’t just a cliché, but it’s also what I consider to be one of the biggest understatements of the universe. To me, life is starting to feel like a maze with all of its twists, turns, and unavoidable dead ends. I’m on a mission to fill up all of my empty spoons with the right combinations resulting (ideally) in the recipe for happiness (cheesy…yes…but that’s part of the process)! Since any good adventure is more fun when you’re not alone, this is your formal invitation to join in. Share your life maze stories, I want to hear all about it!

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