Back From Vacation and End of Summer Blues…


Goodbye Labor Day. As much as I love a good vacation, there is inevitably the brutal letdown that follows. “Time to get back to reality” people say. Well…Reality Bites (no, I’m not talking about the 90’s flick…which I completely forgot about until I read the recap here…now it feels like I just watched it again yesterday).

Unpacking and laundry...yuck and double yuck...welcome home...

Unpacking and laundry…yuck and double yuck…welcome home…

I’m talking about unpacking the car, dragging your suitcases into the house (here it’s up two flights of stairs and Das Boot hates acting as a bellhop), unpacking luggage, facing mounds of dirty laundry, actually tackling all of that laundry, throwing away the moldy remains of what was once food in your refrigerator, grocery shopping so you can now prepare, cook, and eat a home cooked meal that feels long overdue after all of the dining out you inevitably did over said vacation, oh and by the way…now summer is officially over.

It has been years since I have had the opportunity to travel as much as I have this summer. You have already read about my Florida trip, but don’t worry, I have a lot more to tell. A last minute quick trip to Hawaii (last minute? quick trip? Hawaii? how does that even go together…don’t worry, I’ll explain…more posts to come!). Then home to quickly repack because we were back on the road to Wisconsin for a Labor Day weekend getaway. We had planned this trip months ago as an early second wedding anniversary celebration, and since we can’t seem to stay in the same state together for more than five minutes (did I mention Mr. EmptySpoonful travels a lot for work? Yeah, he’s a road warrior) we figured we had better celebrate sooner rather than later!

WI traffic

We are usually able to travel outside of the peak travel days/times, but this year we were forced to deal with the returning Labor Day traffic. A trip that should have taken 6 hours turned into 9 thanks to traffic. Everyone stuck in that bumper to bumper traffic with us looked sunburned, exhausted, and miserable. Rightfully so; summer fun is done.

But wait, before you leap in front of that speeding ice cream truck, the best news is still to come. Guess what? Summer may be over, but fall is almost here!

I don’t know about you, but fall is the season I live for every year. Fall is the reason I had to move out of Florida years ago; I live for jackets and sweaters! Cooler temperatures, leaves changing colors, a crisp snap in the air and everyone’s fall favorite…Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes (I am so jealous of those of you who can still handle these…you can’t take away my memories though…yumm…in my mind I’m drinking one right now…).

How do you handle your end of vacation/end of summer blues?

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