Silicone Bakeware; The Ultimate Smoothie Solution

Ahhhh Walmart, how I love thee, let me count the ways! Where else can you get absolutely everything you need (plus a ton of stuff that you probably never ever needed nor should you ever have bought!) for a super low price?! That being said, I lose hours, maybe even days of my life there deciding what kitchen gadgets, beauty supplies, and even groceries I can’t live without! Today was no exception, even with my very specific list I ended up trolling the aisles for 3 hours…seriously, 3 hours! Imagine what else I could have done with even 1 of those spare hours; but it’s ok, I’m not going to dwell on it, well not for too much longer anyway! I got everything I needed plus the few extra things I suddenly decided I could not live without, and here is my latest fun kitchen gadget, check this out:

Final S G Men

My first piece of silicone bakeware! The thing I’m most excited about is that this bakeware can go directly from freezer to oven to dishwasher without cracking! Get ready, everything coming out of my oven and freezer is going to be gingerbread man shaped!

I was really inspired by Emily Ho’s post at regarding Matt Kadey’s Muffin Tin Mania tips. Muffin tins, of course this is the answer! I’ve been looking for a way to not only preserve my smoothies but at the same time have a quick fix ready on a busy morning. I don’t make smoothies very often, even as much as I love them, because I can’t seem to make just one smoothie at a time, it tends to be entire blender-fulls! It drives me crazy to try to store it in the fridge and force myself to finish all of it before it melts. This usually leads to me slyly leaving glasses of smoothies all around the house as subtle hints for my husband to finish them, which is great, until it starts to feel like a bad scavenger hunt where the only prize is an overly full stomach! But fortunately this muffin tin idea is going to change the fate of smoothie day in my house forever, and not only that, but in fun gingerbread man shapes!

The ice men cometh!

The ice men cometh!

                               I’m off to make smoothies! Who else is with me?!

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